Doja Cat to Headline ‘The Victoria’s Secret World Tour,’ Set to Debut New Music During the Show

Doja Cat is set to headline The Victoria’s Secret World Tour, which is part fashion show and part documentary, debuting on Prime Video on September 26.

“Victoria’s Secret has always been such a fun, go-to brand for me since early on, and I love that I can still say that today,” said Doja in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar. “Being a part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience.” She teased that she’s currently working on new music and fans will get a taste when the show debuts on Prime Video next month.

“I don’t want to spoil too much, but like past projects, there’s lots of different energy to songs, plus new sounds that I’ve never explored before,” she said. “So that is exciting to me, and I can’t wait to put it out.” World Tour promises to feature behind-the-scenes footage and a closer look at various creatives from around the world. It’ll be Victoria’s Secret’s first televised fashion show since 2018.

Doja’s performance will boast a series of looks that she collaborated on with the brand. “Because the Tour is a celebration of the strength and unique talent of creatives, we really wanted to channel this message through this look,” she said, referring to a nude-colored latex outfit that she worked on with Victoria’s Secret creative director Brett Alan Nelson.

“I felt so powerful and confident wearing these pieces, which is so important to me,” she continued. “My idea of what makes me beautiful, sexy, and confident has evolved so much over the years, but I’ve always known that what matters most is how I feel about myself. To me, sexy is being comfortable in my own skin and celebrating myself for who I am. Being a part of the Tour really helped connect me with that.”