D’Lemor Shines Brighter Than The Sun On Debut Single “Shine”

NYC-based artist D’Lemor was born in Poland before emigrating to the United States with her family in the ’80s. Despite having to face the difficulties of having to adapt to a new country, she brilliantly overcame all the steps required to be a fully engaged citizen who successfully managed to work, live, and aspire to a much better future for her and her family. After years of keeping her most vivid passion, music, private, she has finally decided to share her natural gift with the world and release a debut single, lyric video, and music video. Her song is titled “Shine,” and follows in the footsteps of some of her idols, Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. Beyond her epic pop style, D’Lemor’s vocals hold something unique, hardly describable, and fully impactful on the heart of listeners. It is like she was born to sing, heal, and bring joy and hope every time her music is played. She shines brighter than the sun on “Shine,” and we seriously cannot wait for her to release more music!

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