DJ SODA, Lost Chameleon and MOMOLAND’s Ahin deliver “Okay!”

South Korean talent DJ SODA has teamed up with Lost Chameleon, and MOMOLAND’s Ahin for audiovisual treat “Okay!” a genre-bending offering that brings the vibrance of K-pop together with the punchy sensibilities of EDM. With sharp yet hazy vocals, the anthemic mood of the track which boasts a smooth blend of synths and bouncy basslines Is given an extra burst of life with a wild music video, making it fit for any party.

Groovy and feel-good, an unexpected swirl of R&B in the layered production highlights the versatile musicality of the trio from NFT-fueled record label Purple Fly. Tapping into the futuristic label’s signature artistic style “Okay!” comes alive as a dynamic amalgamation of catchy instrumentals and imaginative visuals pulling us into an immersive world of sonics, brimming with creative freedom.

Delicately balancing the colorful nature of Ahin’s K-pop with the edgy feel of Lost Chameleon’s penchant for electronic music, the track develops as a lush, complex production built as a pop banger founded on pulsing beats.  Another win in DJ SODA’s successful DJing career, “Okay!” which shines a light on the unique talents of the multi-faceted team of creatives while also coming together as a cohesive slice of experimental music, thrums with a distinct vibe that makes it the perfect soundtrack to dance your troubles away to.

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