DJ Envy Faces Backlash After Calling His Wife A "B*tch" In A Text Message

DJ Envy and his wife, Gia Casey, may have gone through some rough patches in their marriage but they've prospered through it all. The two of them work as a team, not only in their household but business wise too. They launched their "Casey Crew" podcast and recently, the two landed a deal with Bravo for their docu-comedy series, "Gold With Envy." His new show with his family will give people better insight to their relationship. However, the Breakfast Club recently caught flack after he called her a "bitch" in a text message.

DJ Envy is facing some heat from the public after he shared a screenshot of a conversation with his wife and playfully called his wife a "bitch." His wife seemed to be playing with him in a text conversation when she said, "Baby... There's an emergency..." The emergency just happened to be the fact that their household was running low on yogurt fruit snacks.

"Dont scare me bitch... Already ordered," he replied.

The internet seemed to have quite the opinion on him calling his wife a bitch. Many people thought it was hypocritical based on the fact that he went off on Desus & Mero for "disrespecting" his wife after they jokingly suggested she was with him for a check. Other people, including T.I., thought it was no one's business but their own. 

Peep some of the reactions below. 

DJ Envy Faces Backlash After Calling His Wife A "B*tch" In A Text Message

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