DJ Akademiks Critisizes Adam 22 for Interviewing One of Pop Smoke’s Alleged Killers

“I’m not sorry about nothing,” Blockstar stated. “It should’ve never happened, but I ain’t sorry. If I could go back, I’d go back. But I ain’t sorry. People die every day. [Pop Smoke] was rapping about it. All types of stuff. So, I ain’t sorry about it.”

He added, “I send my condolences to the family. I wish it never happened. But I don’t regret nothing. Growing up, my people, my family told me, ‘You ain’t sorry for nothing. Whatever you did, you did it for a reason and stand on it.’”

Over the weekend, Akademiks called out Adam 22 for setting a “dangerous precedent” with his interview.

“I wonder if he knows the repercussions of what he’s doing,” Akademiks said on a livestream. “You interviewed Pop Smoke’s killer. You basically signal to the entire whole clout-chasing generation that if you murder someone, especially someone with a name, you have a platform to get another type of clout or career. I think that’s a dangerous precedent. Very dangerous.”

Akademiks concluded, “You kind’ve have to draw that line.”

DJ Akademiks, has been criticized in the past by artists like Vic Mensa for his sensationalized coverage of violence and Chicago hip-hop.

Watch Akademiks share his thoughts on Adam 22’s Blockstar interview, as well as the full No Jumper conversation, below.