Discover “Willow” By KAIS Today

KAIS is a one-of-a-kind singer-songwriter based in Canada, whose art is unique and deep and will leave you with a desire for more. KAIS’ latest single is “Willow”, an incredible piece that our readers are guaranteed to enjoy. Full of transcendental sorrow and loneliness, the song explores the pains of a failed relationship in which betrayal took place. Being “unwillingly cast into the disorienting vastness of mental solitude,” as KAIS said, is one of the most crippling experiences, and putting oneself back together is no easy task.

Kais Khoury, professionally known as KAIS, is a Jordanian/Canadian singer-songwriter and producer known for his unique interpretation of complex human emotions. Fusing elements of indie soul, neo psychedelic rock, and folk music, the multi-instrumentalist focuses on capturing the beauty of mankind in the midst of all the difficulties and struggles of life. Learn more about the artist, by following him on Instagram and Facebook