Discover Thor’s Newest Single Titled “Queen Of The Spiders”

Iconic Canadian band Thor recently dropped their new fantastic music video for “Queen Of The Spiders”, their popular song. This time the band went in a new direction surprising fans with a lovely 2D animation that is almost like a comic book come alive. 

The muscle rock quartet have outdone themselves with the amazing music for “Queen Of The Spiders”. The fierce sounds of the drums and the bold guitars create an intriguing aura while lead vocalist Jon Mikl Thor’s voice does the heavy lifting, drawing the listener closer and closer. 

Some of the band’s previous hits include albums like  Hammer of Justice, Rising, and Alliance all of which take a different approach to address the members’ emotions and thoughts. Some of the best singles by Thor are “We Will Fight Forever” feat. Neil Turbin and “Because We Are Strong,” both incredibly powerful songs. 

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