Discover StevenCharles’ Newest Single “My Destination” Today

Rising artist StevenCharles dazzles his fans with a third, brand-new release titled “My Destination”. An absolute positivity bomb, the song shares a piece of advice and wisdom from the young artist, wrapped in a stunning synth-percussion arrangement that does not overshadow StevenCharles’ vocals. “We are our own responsibility and our potential is infinity,” the second verse goes, and this is only a small bit of the simple truths the artist speaks. 

“I wanted to write a song about overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. How the challenges that come with pursuing your passions are all a part of the journey, and how living in the moment is all that matters. We are here right now and all we can do is continue to try our best everyday,” StevenCharles spoke about this single. “My Destination” truly is a powerful track, and we’re sure our readers will love it!

With previous releases “Stay” and “Love You Still”, StevenCharles is now straying further from the topic of romantic love and diving into perhaps the most important of themes which is life itself and its unending challenges we have to overcome.

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