Discover Lo’renzo To’rez And His Captivating Style In “Live Again” And “Closing The Door”

Lo’renzo To’rez has been making amazing and soulful music and his latest tracks “Closing The Door” and “Live Again” are exquisite. “Closing The Door” is a song about giving up on love and a relationship that was less than perfect. The tone is intended to show a broken heart and the delivery is absolutely moving. “Live again” explores the same topic with a slightly more hopeful tone as the artist says: “Somehow I’m going to find my way”.   

The musical arrangement in both songs is beautiful, combining pop, soul and other genre elements. No wonder the songs have generated over 500K streams. 

The artist’s previous popular releases include singles like “Hurt” “So Good On You”, “You Don’t Belong To Me” “Cold Summer” with tens of thousands of plays, winning To’rez a solid fan base who appreciate his unique and authentic style. 

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