Dillon Francis Reveals New EP "Magic Is Real" In Full

It’s been a little over a month since Dillon Francis dropped the first part of his Magic Is Real mixtape, and he’s back now with the full project. With the full EP, it’s clear that Dillon is out of fucks to give and we’re all about it.

In addition to the already-released singles “GO OFF,” “Still Not Butter,” “Bomboclat,” and “Bawdy,” we also get the new single “DFR” as well as collaborations with Vera Hotsauce on “Barely Breathing” and Nitti Gritti on “Salsabahton (Shake That Booty).”

Dillon has been a bit all over the place in terms of productions over the past few years, but original fans are sure to be excited about his return to form on so many moombahton tunes and straight up bangers. He’s never been one to let conventions or current trends sway his sound, and this EP is an abundantly clear demonstration of that, if nothing else.

Magic Is Real is now available to pre-order on 12-inch glitter vinyl format and “cassette” USB format HERE, along with other exclusive Magic Is Real merch.

Check out the full EP below!


Photo Thomas Falcone

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