Did These Producers Just Sample Deadmau5 for Their Original?

We have all seen the live streams but it’s always a big moment for any producer when your track gets a little more than just a skip or bookmark from the renowned producer. After Sparkee submitted his collaboration with PINEO & LOEB to deadmau5 during a livestream, the mau5 after listening responded with “‘I can feel it’ has to be the most overused line in dance music.” Then hearing his voice sampled in saying “Sparkee with the big balls!” and responded with even more sarcasm.

Sparkee, who programmed a “technically impossible” bass line for a remix of deadmau5’s iconic “,” caught the electronic communities’ attention when deadmau5 called it “impossible.” The bass guitar phenomenon  caught deadmau5 in his lie and shredded the Sparkee’s bass line to prove that it wasn’t, in fact, impossible. Sparkee has now sparked a global challenge amongst bass players called “The Impossible Bassline Challenge.” Bass players attempt to play Sparkee’s part in YouTube videos.

This latest Sparkee collaboration, ‘Feel It’ sees him uniting forces with the Canadian duo PINEO & LOEB. Having toured extensively in Canada and sharing the stage with artists such as: 3LAU, Zeds Dead, Kill Paris this latest release sets a strong marker for the bright future ahead for this rising duo.


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