Did Sebastian Ingrosso Just Confirm Another Swedish House Mafia Show?

It seems impossible to escape the Swedish House Mafia rumor mill after their reunion at Ultra Music Festival earlier this year. Declarations of “Swedish House Mafia for life” fueled the of rumors, suggesting more shows in the future; newer moves from Swedish House Mafia like have also raised some eyebrows.

Today, however, could be the most curious piece of all. Sebastian Ingrosso posted a photo on his Instagram story of what looks to be a lineup at a venue called Krusmynta Garden in Vispy, Sweden. The event is apparently in cooperation with 2 Fresh Entertainment, and features performances from Vargas & Lagola, Oskar Linnros, Axwell Λ Ingrosso, Seinabo Sey, and Swedish House Mafia.

Now, the strange thing here is that there’s no significant Google search results for Krusmynta Garden except for some Trip Advisor blog entries. And as for 2 Fresh Entertaiment, nothing remotely having to do with dance music comes up – seriously, the top entry on Google is for, uh, .

So what we have is a photo for a venue with no footprint, a promoter that doesn’t exist, and a lineup that isn’t found anywhere else… what’s going on here? We have no idea.

The only thing to do at this point is wait and see, but we wish they’d just come out and say something.

Did Sebastian Ingrosso Just Confirm Another Swedish House Mafia Show?



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