Desiire's “Remedy” is a refreshing answer to today’s troubles [Video]

In a season when glimpses of positivity are few and far between, Congolese-Canadian singer-songwriter Desiire addresses the turbulent journey society has been navigating in recent times on his latest single, “Remedy. Reminding us of the need to find and hold onto peace amidst uncertainty, Desiire paints a vibrant world free from adversity.

An inspiring, aural antidote, “Remedy” is just what the doctor ordered for the social and emotional aftermath of the pandemic. An Afro-infused blend of soulful awakenings and spiritual undertones, the track is a light-filled oasis that brings a powerful perspective on the current state of the world. Its resounding percussion signals a new chapter ahead where we can coexist in both fluidity and stability. “Remedy”'s message is rooted in love and dipped in the uplifting vibes of Afrobeat and soul.

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