DeSantis Hands Out Beer After Trump Dine-N-Dash

The Florida governor was challenged to chug a cold one during a campaign event in Reno

Immediately after his arrest on Tuesday, Trump stopped by a Cuban restaurant in Miami.  

“Food for everyone!” Trump is said to have yelled after arriving at the restaurant for an impromptu campaign visit shortly after pleading not guilty to 37 criminal counts leveled against him by the Justice Department. 

He left without buying anyone anything, “not even a cafecito to-go,” reported the Miami News Times.

But while the patrons of Little Havnnah’s Versailles cafe aren’t smelling the croquetas, Trump’s charisma-starved challenger smelled an opportunity. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was spotted on Friday distributing beers alongside his wife Casey DeSantis at a Veterans of Foreign Wars bunker bar in Reno, Nevada. DeSantis is making multiple campaign stops in the state before a Saturday appearance at the Basque Fry Fundraiser.

DeSantis was reportedly challenged to chug a beer, Rolling Stone cannot confirm if the governor accepted. 


Trump was arrested and arraigned in Miami on Tuesday on 37 criminal counts including violations of the espionage act, conspiracy to obstruct justice, corruptly concealing a record or document, and concealing a document in a federal investigation. The former president has since sent his minions after DeSantis for refusing to commit to pardoning Trump. 

Despite the Florida governor’s continued defense of his 2024 rival, Trump has leveled dig after dig against him — some of his advisors have even been attempting to goad the former president into a literal dick-measuring contest.