Denzel Washington Jokes About ‘Sexual Relations’ With Friend Lenny Kravitz at Singer’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

With friends like Denzel Washington, does Lenny Kravitz need lovers?

Washington, 69, was on site in Los Angeles, California when 59-year-old Lenny Kravitz was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday. The veteran actor gave a speech during the ceremony for his friend of over 30 years and cracked some jokes along the way.

“Every time I shake hands like with this with Lenny, I always have my eyes open,” said Washington at the 13:31 mark below. “Once he had a ring on, a thumb ring, and we went to shake hands he busted my thumb open.”

“He’s more than a friend, more than a brother, we’re twins, we just don’t look alike,” the two-time Oscar winner quipped. “We’ve had a close brothership, friendship for—well, he’d be seven when we met.”