Denzel Curry Bodies "Classic Freestyle" Live On Westwood TV

Denzel Curry visited Tim Westwood's studio to deliver "Classic Freestyles" over classic Wu-Tang Clan and Scarface instrumentals. The Westwood studio opened its doors to the U.S. well before it even explored its domestic product. It goes without saying, that Tim Westwood's first love was purely hip hop. Although his personality can at times resemble a measly character like Mr. Bean, Westwood has done so much on a cultural level to uplift hip hop within his borders.

Denzel Curry came out firing out the gate, comparing his delivery to the outburst of a Draco. Under terrible circumstances, took his talents in a very direction, instead of "pocket picking." The SoundCloud birth story was maybe too much an allusion to keep him from actually getting to work. Curry's freestyle on Westwood felt like a fantasy camp, where rappers from different would be dropped into unfamiliar territory and forced to adapt on the spot. It says a lot about Curry as a "technical" rapper that he can pull off the "Guess Who's Bizzack" without copying the manuscript from the original song. When Pusha T called for rap fans to take notice of true lyricism he forgot to mention one of the few rappers with a full repertoire at his disposal. Denzel Curry is the real f*****g deal.

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