Debut EP Iconic Measure From Lay B Is One Of The Most Iconic Releases Of The Last Few Weeks

For the hip-hop lovers out there, LaRed & Global Status Inc Rap invented an artist who knows the urban culture to the core, feels it with his very bones, and whose enormous talent and inspiring hard work indicate he will make a massive change in the industry. Atlanta based Rap sensation Lay B recently announced the release of his debut EP titled Iconic Measure. 

It seems like the young and talented Lay B has no intention to slow down. The artist releases new high-level productions one after another. His recent track releases "Rags 2 Riches" and "Grime" were the undeniable proofs of the artist's talent. At the same time, the fact that his projects' production shows evident growth over time indicates that the rap genius works hard and selflessly dedicated. It obviously takes time for the new artists to master some production details or develop their unique signature style and sound, but Lay B proves hard work will get you there. He chose o to be up-front, straight-forwardly direct not only in his lyricism but also in the music choices. 

You won't hear many blending mixes and sound effects, experimental sonic effects added to the tacks involved in  Iconic Measure. The EP stays true to the old school, OG mentality, and holds the spirit of the times of Tupac and Biggie, reminding us where rap comes from. Lay B's vision for hip-hop is clear. Let's follow the artist and witness the iconic changes he will bring to the modern hip-hop world. 

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