Deadmau5 Is Building A Legit "Mau5 Cave" [PHOTOS]

Deadmau5 is known for his love of producing music, and . Next on his list: creating an epic poolside bar and “mau5 cave” for his house.

Deadmau5 posted the mock design for his latest construction project on his Instagram. The bottom floor of the project will be a poolside bar for his wife. The more interesting part of the project is the top floor, what deadmau5 is dubbing the “mau5 cave.” We’re curious what exactly that will be, considering he already has quite an elaborate gaming room within the house. We wouldn’t be surprised if he creates a poolside studio, though, to go with the bar. What’s more inspiring for creating music than a scenic pool view with a Corona?

Leave it to deadmau5 to come up with the craziest, yet greatest construction projects. Check out the mock designs below, and see for his gaming center idea.

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