DDG Talks About Difficulties of Hiding New Baby With Halle Bailey: ‘It’s Been a Lot of Speculation’

Rapper and YouTube DDG is overjoyed with fatherhood. On Sunday, he posted a 14-minute vlog where he talked about becoming a parent with actress-singer Halle Bailey, who surprised fans with the announcement of their new son, Halo, over the weekend.

Although the couple haven’t shared Halo’s birth date, they’ve confirmed that the new addition to their family was born last year. “We was just waiting on the right time to break the news, or whatever,” DDG said around the 1:30-minute mark of the video below.

The 26-year-old also joked about the rumor mill around Bailey hiding her stomach from the public by wearing oversized outfits. “It’s been a lot of speculation,” DDG added. “You know, a lot of y’all should quit y’all jobs, bro. A lot of y’all should quit ya’ll jobs and start looking into detective work, ’cause ya’ll do pretty good at it.”