Daytona Starsky takes us on a journey to the future on ‘ Reality Station’

Multidisciplinary artist Daytona Starsky offers captivating pop melodies on debut album Reality Station, a sonic journey into the future covering imaginative concepts from sex robots to dream worlds, wrapped up in a playful and experimental instrumentation.

With a dystopian feel swirling around right from the echoing, glitchy first notes of opener “En Trance,” the album is built upon song writing that’s heartfelt in some moments and witty in others, floating smoothly over a rhythmic yet ethereal soundscape.

From the haunting electro-touched sensibilities of “Dreamer,” to the slow-built styling of “Movie Star,” which allows his soft vocals to shine overtop a hazy production, right to the atmospheric and distorted melody of final track “Wake Me When It’s Over,” the album is rooted in Starsky’s trademark sonic unpredictability as he continues to push boundaries of genres and influences moving easily from hip-hop and psych-rock to lush pop and electronica.

Taking us through an intricate melodic maze, Reality Station is a sonically and visually stimulating experience that transports away from the present moment, somewhere into a future nestled safely within our hearts and minds.

From first performing on Dutch television aged 12, Starsky who has consistently proven his array of talents as a notable multi-instrumentalist, record producer, songwriter, visual designer, video director and sustainable-fashion enthusiast, always manages to whip up something new for us and he hasn’t failed this time either.

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