Danny Brown Steps Into the Past For Reflective ‘Best Life’ Watch

Despite being on tour at the moment, Danny Brown doled out another fresh video with "Best Life" from his well-received fifth album Uknowhatimsayin¿

Directed by Augustin Vita, Brown ruminates about his murky childhood past and later blossoming into an ethereal MC, who is beloved by his peers today. From being entangled in family drama to engaging in dangerous robberies, Brown holds nothing back regarding his roller-coaster beginnings. 

The Q-Tip-produced jam is one of two joints helmed by the Tribe legend, with the other serving as "Dirty Laundry." "Tip is a person who turns over every stone when it comes to making a song -- he pays very close attention to details and tries out a lot of different things," Brown revealed to Billboard in September.

"Me? I just try to catch lightning in a bottle. I'm not rewriting shit. For this album, though, "Theme Song," for example -- we probably recorded that one over 300 times. And I didn't get it right until the last week before it was about to go into mastering."

Watch Brown's "Best Life" video below. 

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