DanceSafe Warns Against Super Strong New Ecstasy from Secretive Drug Crew

Ravers beware — there’s a super strong batch of ecstasy pills making rounds in the UK that have organizations like DanceSafe worried. These pills are making headlines  and for sending a .

According to recent , the pills stamped with a UPS logo (pictured above) currently in circulation in the UK contain more than double a standard dose of MDMA. Users are instructed, “if you have these pills, do them in halves, or quarters.”

With this, DanceSafe raises a very important question — Why are such strong pills in circulation? Well, they got to the bottom of it.

…Our sources say that the crew making these is based in the Netherlands and are the people responsible for creating some of the strongest pills to be found in recent years.

Known as the Partyflock or Q-dance crew, other pills in their portfolio include the Q-Dance, Defqon, Speakers, Ferraris, Partyflock, Android, Tri-Force, and more recently Heinekens and Gold Bars. The next pill in the series will apparently be Red UPS (all that means is some new food colouring in the mix).

So that explains strong pills over in the Netherlands, but what about the UK? After doing some investigating, DanceSafe finds that pills are being imported into the UK from Holland, being resold on the dark web, and shipped through (you guessed it) UPS. These same strong batches have popped up in the US.

If you come across a pill with a deep breakline, it’s there for a reason — take half or less. Users say hard pressed pills take a long time to “come up,” so do not redose. If the pill looks particularly well-produced such as these UPS pills, “start low and go slow.”

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