Daemon sets the clock back on “Turn the World Around” [Video]

If you've played the new Forza Horizon 5 racing game, "Turn the World Around" may sound familiar. The latest track from LA-based rapper Daemon, which headlines the game's soundtrack, sports a breakneck pace and in-your-face vocal performance that's unforgettable (and highly conducive to racing cars).

"Turn the World Around" isn't the first song of Daemon's that's appeared in popular media: multiple network TV shows and streaming services have tapped his expertly crafted rhymes, and Bernie Sanders even walked out to it when he was on the campaign trail. It's hardly a mystery as to why Forza Horizon 5 followed suit—"Turn the World Around" is all gas from start to finish, like a Maserati zooming down the Audubon.

Daemon's emphatic, rapid-fire flow shines over the revved-up soul sample and breakbeat drums, chopped and spliced together by frequent collaborator Steve Spiffler, with additional work from Adrians Beats. Daemon is as seasoned and versatile as any spitter out right now. His voice jumps out the speakers, his bars warrant plenty of pause-and-rewind moments, and no hip hop sub-genre (any genre, really) eludes him—he shape-shifts from Golden Era guru to trap king to rockstar with ease.

After peeping the visuals for "Turn the World Around," take a nice scenic drive through the rest of Daemon's catalog via the links below.

Connect with Daemon: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube

Connect with Steve Spiffler: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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