Picture of D.J.C. Sexy House Thang

D.J.C. Prepares To Unleash Infectious Club Jam “Sexy House Thang”

Prepare to be captivated as D.J.C., aka Daniel Jahmal Clarke, the visionary British-American producer, unveils his forthcoming club anthem, “Sexy House Thang.” In an extraordinary partnership with Bijoux, this electrifying EDM piece promises to etch its indelible mark upon listeners’ souls. Enhancing its irresistible charm, the esteemed artist Neil Sanford has created animated visuals that will mesmerize your gaze and transport viewers to a realm of exquisite sensory euphoria.

In 2010, D.J.C. had a creative spark in a modest Brooklyn apartment, giving rise to the idea of “Sexy House Thang.” Inspired by New York City’s vibrant scene, the producer came together with supremely talented musicians, embarking on a collaborative journey to bring this remarkable piece to life. But, their plans to unveil it in 2020 faced an unexpected obstacle when the COVID-19 pandemic emerged, leading to an unforeseen delay before its eagerly awaited debut.

Renowned by various aliases such as D.J.C., D.A., and Urban Enigma, D.J.C. stands as a versatile musician whose inventive prowess shines brightly within the realm of NexGen Music. Esteemed for its commitment to musical diversity, the reputed record label traverses a wide spectrum of styles, effortlessly bridging the underground and cross-mainstream genres with finesse and flair.

In the late ’80s and early ’90s, D.J.C. fully immersed himself in the world of underground music, venturing into the vibrant subculture that thrived within London’s hidden record shops and the illicit airwaves of pirate radio transmissions. It was within these clandestine realms that he discovered a breathtaking array of sonic experiences, from the electrifying rhythms of Dance, Rave, and Hardcore, to the pulsating beats of Breakbeat, Jungle, Drum & Bass, and UK Garage. 

Alongside his exceptional music production skills, Daniel’s expertise in sound design has garnered recognition from prestigious institutions such as the BBC, Lionsgate Films, Bravo, and VH1. His creations have found their way into a multitude of media forms, including films, television shows, and interactive entertainment, shaping the auditory experiences of numerous projects.

Drawing inspiration from pioneering labels such as Telstar, Naked Music, Good Looking Records, Moving Shadow, Ninja Tune, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Ohm Records, and XL Recordings, D.J.C. established the groundbreaking record company NexGen Music. With his visionary leadership, it continues to thrive, introducing an exceptional roster of artists, musicians, and engineers. As its catalog evolves, Daniel’s eagerly awaited track, “Sexy House Thang,” stands poised to become the quintessential summer anthem, adding a remarkable touch to their musical legacy.