Creative Force Ye Torii Drops Astonishing Track Titled “No Friends”

Talented South African singer Ye Torii, today based in LA, releases her latest single titled “No Friends.” In love with the music of the 90’s until the early 2000’s, Ye Torii’s main inspiration is Beyoncé, and her work ethics that produced countless global hits. 

 Her inspiring story and equally mesmerizing music are two elements that will surely help her make a solid reputation in the scene, without forgetting to mention her incredibly soft and soothing grain of voice that enters the soul with rare efficiency. 

As soon as she hits the first note with her vocals, she transmits her soulful and passionate energy to the listener, and shares her outlook regarding the life in LA, and how one often feels alone because of the fast pace of the city life, paired with the competition among everyone trying to make their dreams into a reality. The cold and cruel LA lifestyle didn’t, doesn’t, and won’t stop her from generously sharing her gift with us all, and we thank her for that!

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