Cookie Monsta Reimagines His Hit "Ruff" For 2018 & Gives It A Booty Shakin' Spin

When “Ruff” came out in 2016, no one could have predicted that it was going to end up one of Cookie Monsta’s most iconic songs. With help from Tima Dee, an absolutely addictive melody, and memorable lyrics, “Ruff” was a dubstep anthem for a time.

However, in dubstep time, two years is an eternity. In that mode of thought, Cookie Monsta thought it might have been time to update “Ruff” for 2018, and he’s done just that. He once again calls upon Tima Dee for some updated vocals to give it a truly fresh feel. The changes aren’t super pronounced – the sounds are more crisp, the vocals are more defined, and the groove is definitely beefed up. It was more of a headbanger before, but you could even call it a booty shaker now.

Get down and dirty to this one right here, right now. Check it out.


Photo Oh Dag Yo Photography

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