Coldplay Reveal Revolution Bubbling Under the Surface in ‘People of the Pride’ Video

Coldplay slip into their own dystopian comic book strip in the Orwellian music video for “People of the Pride,” pulled from the band’s ninth studio album Music of the Spheres.

The Paul Dugdale-directed video features animated footage as well as live performance visuals captured back in October when Coldplay took the stage at the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle. While frontman Chris Martin stomps around stage commanding an audience of his own, revolution is bubbling under the surface in a Gotham-like city ruled by a robotic overlord.

“There’s a turning of the tide/We’re no longer gonna fight for/Some old crook and all his crimes/There’s a sewing up of rags/Into revolution flags/Got to stand up to be counted/Be an anthem for your times,” Martin rallies on the track, which builds around the 2008 Viva La Vida demo “The Man Who Swears.”

“A lot of it came from the Black Lives Matter and Gay Pride marches where people [were] using their voice to say, ‘This situation is ridiculous’, so I think it’s our ‘this situation is ridiculous’ song,” Martin told NME of the song. “We’re quite polite about it, though, as opposed to saying, ‘You fucking arseholes!’ But this is about human politics. This is the politics that believes that everyone on the planet has a right to be themselves. And I think whether you’re an old soft-rock superstar, or a young whippersnapper, you’re allowed to believe that.”