Chy Cartier Comes Through With More New Styles On “Like Magic”

Following on from her head-turning viral smash, “Bossed Up”, in November, ascendant rhymer Chy Cartier is back with another dose of her inimitable flow on new drop “Like Magic”.

If you didn’t know already, “Bossed Up” was by no means a debut; Chy’s been plugging away for a little while and it looks as if it’s all paying off. Also, to her credit, she hasn’t repeated the stop-start earworm trick that glued “Bossed Up” to our ears. This time, with a more sombre production from GW, she’s gone in a slightly different direction—although the warcry flow is still in place.

Slowing things down a bit from its predecessor, Chy evaluates her journey and where she came from, but she still squeezes in just a bit of that fearless bravado. “They ain’t on my level/They ain’t in my bracket”—expect to have that embedded in your brain for a the next few months.