Christian Blue’s enthusiasm bubbles to the surface in new visuals for “LuvDrunk”

Christian Blue has put on his summer clothes in a warm new video for his third track, "LuvDrunk." The L.A. producer, singer, songwriter, and Oprah fan released the maximalist daydream of a record earlier this year, offering a more citrus-tinged element to the rest of his repertoire. In a very short time, he has established his versatility in vocal delivery and production direction as seen in "LuvDrunk's" higher falsetto and more vulnerable writing compared to big siblings "Leave It Unlocked" and "Money Talks." 

In this same spirit, Christian picked up where "Leave It Unlocked" left off in terms of quality visual analogues to his music. The former really felt like it clued in where he was coming from creatively, but also just as a person. "LuvDrunk" has continued that feel good sense of neon, fragrant sun--always in proximity to a beach even if it is temporarily out of picture. The video frequently finds him waking up on on a pool floaty or well manicured lawn--still half dreaming. Saturated moments find Blue surrounded by bright red and pink flowers, cruising under palm trees in his tie-dyed overalls, or re-loading his bubble gun all through the video's sun-bleached, wholesome psychedelic feel. 

With only three tracks currently released, Blue has proven himself as a versatile artist with real charisma and gives the vibe he can sort of do whatever he wants with a forthcoming track. We'll certainly be excited to see what shape that impulse takes. In the meantime, stream "LuvDrunk" via The Nice Life and keep up with Blue via the socials linked below. 

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