Children of Zeus point to what inspires them, on the laid back “Be Someone”

It's been a wild twelve months for the supremely talented UK duo Children of Zeus (Konny Kon and Tyler Daley). In the midst of a pandemic, and with touring out of the window, the Manchester born pair have holed themselves up in the studio finishing the follow up to 2018's Travel Light. With the album all but finished, they made an appearance in the Colors booth. This, in turn, exposed them to even more potential fans of their Soul driven sound. To celebrate the release of their brand new album Balance, we have been blessed with a video for single "Be Someone".

Both Tyler and Kon contrast each other so well on this joint. Your hairs may instantly stand on end when you hear Tyler's soulfully delicate melodies. However it's the pair's laid back raps where the real magic lies. Both Tyler and Kon spit their verses with such a relaxed vigour, yet their lyricism cuts deep. "My nana once told me I could be somebody, so I guess it's only right I tell my kids the same" Tyler raps on the opening verse. Giving us an insight into how he was raised, and how he wants to raise his own children.

"I can't compete with all your expectations, I'm out here just trying to be a better me" Kon spits. An anecdote of how we can feel always trying to exceed expectations. The Beat Butcha instrumental is the perfect compliment to the Children of Zeus sound, as it's mellow, sample driven beat relaxes you. 

"Be Someone" is taken from their brand new album Balance, which is available on First World Records. You can buy Balance on vinyl and CD via their Bandcamp page.

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