Chicago Designer Says Drake’s Stylist Initially ‘Ghosted Me and Refused to Send Payment’ After 48-Hour Pants Order

From there, Napier looked back “a few weeks ago” to when he shared an image of the pants in question to social media in promotion of an upcoming runway. Shortly after showing the pants on Instagram, he said, he received a DM from Ferguson.

A series of conversations and calls began shortly after this initial discussion, with a pair of pants ultimately being finished by Napier “less than 48 hours” after the first DM about them.

“After receiving the pants we hop on a call and talk about creating a jacket to go along with the pants,” Napier said. “As it would be easier to style for him. So we go ahead and make a few designs and send them over. He says he likes where one of the designs is going and then…Nothing.”

At this point, according to Napier, he stopped hearing from Ferguson for a period of weeks. Thankfully,, a subsequent update revealed that Napier had since been paid.

“It worked,” he said when thanking those who had offered their support in his campaign to be compensated.

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