Cheo Hodari Coker Recalls Young Buck Stabbing Incident at Infamous 2004 VIBE Awards Brawl

Coker then explained that the awards show was going smoothly up until Quincy Jones came on stage to introduce Dre during the tribute. Jones went off-script which allowed the man, Jimmy James Johnson, enough time to attack Dre and for Buck to retaliate. 

“Place went crazy,” Coker continued. “Brawl broke out. Young Buck came at him with a knife from his table and stabbed him…and in the back of the room….Suge laughed his ass off…was he responsible? (The question mark is genuine)…”

He added, “All I know is they couldn’t cut the live feed….so the director got his shot and the reactions…but not the ones he wanted, AND made NATIONAL news that night….as well as the 11 O’Clock news….”

According to reports at the time, Johnson approached Dre and asked for an autograph. After being turned down, Johnson punched Dre in the head and tried to escape to the nearest exit. The brawl broke out with police officers trying to break it up and Buck managed to stab Johnson in the chest. 

The Santa Monica Police Department issued an arrest warrant for Buck after video footage showed him taking part in the brawl. During preliminary hearings, a judge decided there was enough evidence to pursue a jury trial; however, Buck struck a deal where he didn’t have to go to court.