Chenél No.1 captures how love helps us overcome darkness on “Save Me”

Johannesburg, South African alt-rock musician Chenél No.1 explores breaking out of darkness with the help of love on “Save Me.” An emotive and vulnerable number led by guitar riffs and heartfelt lyricism, the track brings out pain and overwhelming love out all at once.

Managing to balance the darkness within our minds against the hope and comfort that accompanies the knowledge we have people to turn to, the track comes straight from the rising act’s heart yet manages to strike a chord with anyone listening.

The track is also accompanied by a music video which has been shot in a completely DIY manner on a phone, showcasing Chenél No.1’s ability to innovate and make use of limited resources in the most creative of ways, while allowing the music to pull us into her world on its own strength.

From starting her musical journey in 2019 to currently working on her new EP Chenél No.1 has established her soulful artistry, constantly on a path to realising her full potential and boundless passion for music.

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