Chelsea Peretti Gets Caffeinated on ‘Phosphorescent Panic’ EP, Featuring Nick Kroll, Kathleen Hanna

Ahead of the release of her coffee-themed concept album this fall, Chelsea Peretti has shared five new tracks from the record — brewed as the Phosphorescent Panic EP.

The actress-comedian also released a single from the EP, “Javadawgs” featuring Reggie Watts and Kate Berlant. The track’s animated video, directed by Vincent Scala, features the three artists as dogs getting caffeinated at the beach and flying through the skies. “We’ll sniff you out on land and on sea,” they sing. “Javadawgs, we’ll bring you some coffee.”

Phosphorescent Panic features contributions by Nick Kroll, Kid Mero, Kathleen Hanna and others. In April, Peretti released the EP Foam and Flotsam, which also featured Watts on the track “Oatmilk.”

The upcoming album was co-written and produced by Kool Kojak, Peretti’s long-time collaborator who’s worked with Flo Rida, Weezer, Kesha and more. Juliette Lewis, Andy Milonakis, Hannibal Buress and Patti Harrison also contributed to the album.

Peretti recently starred in Spinster, a romantic comedy directed by Andrea Dorfman that was released on-demand last week.

Phosphorescent Panic Tracklist 

1. Expresso (ft. Nick Kroll, Kid Mero)
2. BDR (ft. Kathleen Hanna, Money Mark)
3. Greentea (ft. Wale)
4. Javadawgs (ft. Kate Berlant, Reggie Watts)
5. Grama

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