Celebrate PRIDE month with Breagh Isabel’s debut single “Girlfriends” [Video]

Canadian singer-songwriter and producer Breagh Isabel didn’t have plans to become a solo-artist. Over the years, she’s written for and performed on various records for major artists like Donovan Woods, Ria Mae, BANNERS and rapper Classified. However, when pen hit paper on her latest single, “Girlfriends”, she knew it was too close for her to let go of. So, after signing a publishing deal with Concord Music, her debut pop single is out for the world to hear.

The intimate track carries a catchy, chill tone with a consistent pulsing percussion, hand claps, and subdued electric guitar. Isabel’s voice is powerful, hitting low notes with such coolness like Adele or Amy Winehouse. That, along with the mumbled synths and honest lyricism, create a hazy love-laden dream.

The story she tells can resonate with many. It’s a coming-of-age story about not being able to express yourself truthfully in high school times. The music video portrays the same story, showing two girls wanting to become girlfriends past the platonic sense. Isabel, herself, stated, “It’s a bit of a sad song wrapped up in a happy-sounding package. The lyrics don’t really tell a hopeful story,” Isabel spills. “The resolution comes from the fact that I can own the experience and re-tell it from a place of happiness.” 

Listen to “Girlfriends”, out now via Warner Music Canada.

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