Catbells revels in sadness within the “Wilderness” [Video]

Dreamy shoegaze artist Catbells creates music that doesn’t follow time or trends – she takes you down a journey that feels sacred and untouched. Just like a puzzle, you want to know more about the mysterious artist behind a cat mask who has stepped out on the music scene with profound messages of wisdom wrapped in dreamy, melancholic notes of indie-pop.

Catbells just released “Wilderness” which is a deeply ruminative, heart-wrenching new title track from her debut EP. Thematically, it’s a song that radiates with heartbreak, reflecting on the aching emotions associated with losing the one you love, and even more despairing, losing yourself in the struggle. The ‘wilderness’ in the song symbolizes the complex emotions and thoughts that circulate through the artist’s mind, while at the same time she’s pretending to be ok on the outside.  “And though it surely seems I lost a friend, I lost myself instead….I lost myself in the end,” sings Catbells. Poetic lyrics, a cozy melody and evocative acoustic guitars fill the song with magnetism, making it impossible to escape its sadness.

The accompanying video shows an animated Catbells in the woods as animals and various characters pay her a visit, reminding us of the fallacy found in fairytales. Although “Wilderness” is laden with heartbreak, her music and visuals provide an outlet for anyone who has felt similar depression following a break-up, and gives hope to others through honesty, vulnerability, and empathy.

Catbells is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the New England countryside. Her music is heavily influenced by shoegaze artists such Mazzy Star, and 60s folk such as Nico. Shy and introspective, the name ‘Catbells’ is an alter-ego inspired by the well-known children’s author Beatrix Potter.

Listen and watch “Wilderness” here and remember that a broken heart can heal.

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