Cast Your Vote: Here’s Where to Download a 2023 Oscar Ballot Online

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The 2023 Academy Awards are finally upon us, and if you’re tuning into the Oscars from home, there are a few ways to make a game night out of it.

Whether you’re hosting an Oscars viewing party or just streaming it solo, one of the most popular things to do on awards night is to fill out an Oscars ballot, to see if you can predict the winners.

An Oscar ballot is a sheet of paper that lists every award category for the ceremony, along with the nominees in each category. Simply tick off the box next to the name of the person (or film) that you think will take home the trophy.

You can use an Oscar ballot form to keep track of your own guesses, or face off against friends in a little wager. The person with the most correct guesses at the end of the night wins, though what they win is completely up to you.


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Need to download a 2023 Oscar ballot? While the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences doesn’t offer an official Oscar ballot, you can find printable ones on sites like Etsy, which have a ton of printable 2023 Oscar ballots in a variety of formats and designs.

Simply purchase the Oscar ballot of your choice and you’ll receive a hi-res PDF file in your inbox. You can download and print that file as many times as you want (you’re able to share that file with your friends too).

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Hosting an Oscars viewing party or game night? This bundle above includes a printable PDF ballot plus ten printable Oscar-related games, including movie trivia, “emoji Pictionary,” Mad Libs and more.

Purchase the PDF files on Etsy and get an instant download (no physical print outs will be sent or mailed to you). Because everything is delivered digitally (and instantly), you can order these Oscar 2023 ballots right up until the ceremony begins and have them printed and ready in time for the first award.

What we also like: by purchasing these Oscar ballots through Etsy, you’re not only getting something fun to do on Oscars night, but also supporting independent graphic designers and their work.

Once you have your Oscar ballots printed, catch up on all the 2023 Academy Award nominees online and then cast your vote before the big night.