Carsn. Deciphers Latest Singles From Forthcoming LP Mixed Emotions

Up-and-Comer Carsn. is not your ordinary rapper. Not only does he create and mix his own beats, but he can also hit the highest notes, proving to be a talented singer. The all-around artist recently dropped “General Gentleman,” “Rip Away,” and “Coupe,” introducing the anticipated album; Mixed Emotions, which is rumored to come out on January 1, 2023.

Speaking of Mixed Emotions, the Texas-native says, “This album is some of my best work yet, and I cannot wait to share these sounds with the world.” Carsn. admits that he has been working on the new record “for a year now, and I want to be able to put it out and for it to do well. I plan to release this at the start of 2023. The more I’m creating, the better I notice myself getting, and I want to continue on this track.”

Following his impressive debut “Big Guap,” Carsn. released many successful singles, especially this year in 2022. “Rip Away,” which was inspired by a recent breakup, is “about moving on from a bad situation and finding better things/people out there in the world. I was ripping away the bandage of the past and all the bad that came with it, and on the other side the sun shines brighter.”

As for “General Gentleman,” Carsn. reveals that the main message behind the song is “to treat others as a gentleman would. Throughout the song I talk about my experience with this in the form of a past relationship. I envisioned this song being played in a club or in the bar scene when I made it, I wanted to keep it more upbeat.”

Highly influenced by Lil Wayne, Carsn. describes his sound as “southern pop/hip-hop mixed with some alternative. I like making all types of music and try not just to confine myself to one genre. I think I got to this point by the diverse type of music I listen to.”

Mixed Emotions is coming out at the beginning of next year. Stay tuned, till then listen to “Rip Away” & “General Gentleman” here: