Carly and the Universe find “Salvation” in their off-kilter world [video]

Carly and the Universe, an R&B and soul pop first popped on our radar a while back with their fun, soul-infused pop sounds. On their new release titled "Salvation" they once again bring their fun-loving demeanor to the fore over uplifting synth-driven production and evocative lyrics. Lead singer Carly Liza is in her element here delivering a heartfelt performance peppered with her uniquely quirky style. The record dwells on having a positive mindset in the midst of the madness that life throws you. The band implores us to find an escape even though it might not be what you expect but at leats take that first step.

The video is highly comical and follows the crew dressed in surgical gowns as they get up to a plethora of sheninegans at an OB-GYN office. It mixes some performance shots of Carla with the crew taking part in various medical procedures that go left field everytime. From a chaotic birthing scene to an insane butt shot predicament, the viewers are locked into the band's offbeat world where everything is flipped. By the way, the video was shot in Carla's parents office.

The LA-based band is made up of lead singer Carly Liza, guitarist Mike Post, bassist Freddy Hernandez, drummer Cameron Clark and keyboardist Artur Zakiyan. Carly is the Cat, Mike is the Moose, Freddy is the Fish, Cameron is the Camarones. Together, they make up the animal kingdom that sonically in-turn makes up the Universe.

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