Cardi B Calls Out Critics of ‘Fake’ Bodies

Cardi B took to Instagram to rant about women criticizing one another's bodies on social media Sunday (Sept. 8).

"Am I bugging ? Women talk about uplifting each other, but are we really uplifting each other ?" the rapper captioned a short video in which she calls out "natural bitches" leaving comments like "Ugh, your body's fake. Ugh, plastic this, plastic that." 

"Let me tell you something," Cardi said. "I don't like talking shit about bitches' bodies because I remember the struggle, baby. I remember when I had no motherfucking titties and I remember when I had a fun-sized ass."

She went on to blast other women who drop body shaming remarks like "Don't go to the ocean or you're gonna kill all the whales with your motherfucking plastic ass body" in the comments section.

"If you confident in yourself, you don't have to be under the next bitch's comments talking about her body," she said. "My sister, she natural, she got small titties, she got a little cute ass. She ain't hatin' on the next bitch because she know that if she want it, she could get it."

Watch the full clip below.

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