Cardi B and Offset Sued for Missing Rent Payments, Causing ‘Significant Property Damage’ to Vacation Home

Cardi B and Offset are being sued for not paying rent on a vacation home they shared while also leaving it in shambles.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the former couple started living in the Beverly Hills home in 2022 but left the premises in October of this year without giving a notice to the landlord. The landlord stated that Cardi and Offset were behind on rent and utility payments and left “significant property damage,” which included permanent scratches in the tile floors, rugs, curtains, broken furniture, and more.

In total, Cardi and Offset are alleged to have racked up $85,000 in damages to the vacation home. The landlord also tried to resolve the issue but had no luck contacting the rappers.

The news comes a few weeks after Cardi announced her and Offset had broken up. The Bronx rap star took to her Instagram Live and showed a burst of emotion, explaining how she’s been treated horribly by Offset. 

“I’ve been single for a minute now,” she shared. “But I have been afraid to like—not afraid I just don’t know how to tell the world. But I feel like today has been a sign. The last time I got on Live I kind of wanted to tell you guys, but I didn’t know how to tell you, so I changed my mind. But it has been like this for a minute now. I just took it as a sign.”

She continued, “You’ve really been feeling yourself… because of your bitch ass album and shit. And you really been doing me dirty after so many fucking years that I mothafucking helped your ass. Not even a fucking thank you that I got from your bitch ass.”