Cardi B and Offset Drop Steamy ‘Clout’ Watch

We don't know if the couple that rhymes together stays together, but Cardi B and Offset seem very into each other in the steamy video for "Clout," which dropped on Wednesday morning (April 17).

The Daniel Russell-directed visual for track from the Migos member's solo album, Father of 4, opens with Offset checking his phone while seated on a motorcycle, and then zooms into a shot of the rapper tinkling the ivories at a yellow baby grand piano while wearing a white and black facemask.

"Bamboo sticks all in the jeep/ There's a new weirdo every week/ Get the whip, put it up for my seats," he raps while bouncing around in a funhouse mirror room and an all-yellow set, with interspersed images of a bald woman in silhouette crouched down on her knees. The majority of the action takes place in front of the yellow screen, with Offset wielding a chainsaw at one point to buzz through a giant layered black cake.

Cardi finally makes her appearance just shy of the two-minute mark, with one leg up near Offset's shoulder, twerking with her tongue out as her black and yellow striped hair is reflected in the funhouse mirrors and she hits a series of athletic poses, including standing on her head as her hubby holds her ankles out to the side.

Cardi's verse begins with her sitting inside a giant pile of lemons, wearing an all-yellow outfit to match, switching to a shot of her in an all-black leather bondage outfit giving Offset a sensual lap dance. "They know I'm the bomb/ They ticking me off/ Saying anything to get a response," she raps, grinding on her husbands lap and cradling his head.

It's the fourth time the couple have worked together, following on the heels of the tracks "Lick," "Drip," "Motorsport" and Lil Yachty's "Who Want the Smoke?" They teased the clip on Tuesday with a provocative pic in which Cardi -- in thigh-high liquid leather boots, matching hot pants and pointy cone bra over a fishnet bodysuit -- kneels at Offset's feet with her hand on his stomach as he looks down while wearing a black and yellow mask in a preview of the clip's steamy action.

Watch "Clout" below.