Canadian Sports Anchor/Swiftie Slips Every ‘Midnights’ Song Title Into Morning Broadcast

Faizal Khamisa, an anchor on the Canadian channel SportsNet, let his inner-Swiftie shine this morning, slipping in the name of every track on Midnights over the course of a broadcast on Friday, Oct. 21.

Unlike the Philadelphia traffic reporter who delivered an entire report filled with Beyoncé song titles in honor of Renaissance earlier this year, Khamisa didn’t get through all of Midnights in one breathless swoop. Still, his commitment to the bit was admirable, and as it happens, a lot of the song names on Midnights lend themselves well to sports broadcasting.

For instance, Khamisa referred to Houston Astros star Alex Bregman as baseball’s former “Anti-Hero” (you know, for that whole cheating scandal), while a hockey fight prompted a solid use of “Vigilante [Stuff],” and “You’re On Your Own, Kid” was just tailor-made (sorry) for a sports broadcast quip.

Elsewhere, though, Khamisa definitely got some help from the Sports Gods. Los Angeles Lakers player Russell Westbrook didn’t hit a single field goal against the Clippers last night, prompting a brutal “Sweet Nothing.” And a late-night game winner in the big MLS playoff clash between the LA Galaxy and LAFC was occasion enough to throw out “Midnight Rain” (the goal actually did go in around midnight — well, at least on East Coast time.)

For those who love a really ridiculous stretch though, look no further than Khamisa’s description of the Anaheim Ducks’ ice hockey rink — “Like, ‘Snow on the Beach.’” Sure.

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