Canadian songstress Raquel Kiaraa checks in with the festive “Love Got Me Sick”

Love can be one of the most rewarding or damaging things to your psyche. One minute you could go from being on top of the world, convinced that the person by your side will be there forever, only for it to all disappear in the matter of days. Hailing from Hamilton, Ontario, rising songstress Raquel Kiaraa is all too familiar of this notion, utilizing the complexity of love to churn out a handful of engaging singles. Looking to take it a step further, she checks in with her colorful new video for, "Love Got Me Sick."

Revealing her fearless attitude throughout the record, the song takes inspiration from a handful of genres, meshing them together to create a fun dance record that carries a bit more substance under the surface. Speaking about not letting love determine her emotional state anymore, Raquel spends the video doing everything with conviction, from the words she's singing to the way she looks while saying them. From the cage, all the way to her cages and make-up, the video perfectly captures what she's trying to say as evidenced by the inclusion of the snake, which symbolizes the idea of not realizing the person you love might be a snake as well.

Serving as a standout from her recently released album, Defying Odds, "Love Got Me Sick," is the perfect introduction to the rising Ontario native. Take a peek at the video above and get familiar with Raquel Kiaraa.

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