Canadian rapper DillanPonders celebrates his Jamaican heritage on “Dibby Dibby”

Canadian rapper DillanPonders celebrates his Jamaican heritage on high-energy offering “Dibby Dibby,” which delivers the message that he has no time for senseless chit-chat. Filled to the brim with swag underpinned by booming beats and fierce delivery, the track is accompanied by a stylish video that kicks the groovy vibe up a notch.

Taken from his much-loved album BECAUSE WE’RE ALIVE, the track channels the rapper’s signature hip-hop style which combines a distorted and hazy sound with sharp, poetic lyricism that make for a well-rounded musical experience. Layered sonics and his gritty rap verses make “Dibby Dibby,” the perfect backdrop for parties, even as the culturally-nuanced style gives us an opportunity to embrace Dillan’s culture.

From homelessness to a part-time job and a small home studio, the promising rapper has grown exponentially within a short period armed with perseverance, passion and talent. Making lasting impressions from one track to the next, Dillan who has established the easy-going versatility of his sound, continues his rise to stardom as he meticulously preps his future music.

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