Cam’ron Says He and Ben Simmons Almost Got in a Fight: ‘When You 6’10”, I’m Going for Your Knees’

“I forgot Ben Simmons plays basketball,” he joked at the 51:23 mark. “I was bugging.”

After getting over his initial shock at the sight of 2018 NBA Rookie of the Year, the Harlem native was making his way to the VIP area while Simmons was heading to the Nets’ locker room following the conclusion of the game when their paths crossed.

As the two were looking at one another, Cam’ron discussed his thought process in case things escalated. “Before you get that [footage], loose chairs gonna be flying, I’ma go straight for your knees, all type of shit,” he recalled.

Then, Simmons walked past him.

“Why would you play these games with me?” Cam’ron wondered. “If you don’t like what I say, I rather a n***a just be like, ‘Yo Cam, I wasn’t feeling that shit, you don’t understand, I’m really hurt, I’m really going through something.’ Those ain’t the games to play and live in New York at the same time.”

“And that’s not a threat. I’m just saying,” he continued.

Cam’ron advised Simmons to just say how he feels about him next time they find themselves face-to-face, so he could let the Nets star know that he does not give a fuck. “All these eye games, that’s not it, B,” he said. “Especially when you 6’10”, I’m going for your knees, pause. And then I’m buying season tickets to the Nets game. That’s that.”

After handing over a dollar to Mase during an episode of It Is What It Is last year, Cam’ron called Simmons a “disgrace” and demanded that he “get the fuck out of New York” because he was “costing me money.”