BTS’ Contract Renewal and Proposed 2025 Comeback Are Both Currently Uncertain, HYBE Says

Nothing is set in stone for BTS as the K-pop supergroup’s hiatus continues while its seven members pursue solo endeavors and complete their mandatory military service requirements. When the break was first properly announced in October, the group’s label BigHit Music explained that it wouldn’t be too long of a break, with BTS set to reconvene “as a group again around 2025.”

But at a press conference this week, the chairman of the label’s parent company HYBE, Bang Si-hyuk, deflated hopes that the group’s comeback would still occur on that timeline. “We said we ‘hope’ the members can resume in 2025, not ‘will,’” the chairman shared, according to K-Pop Herald. “BTS and the firm will both work for it, but it doesn’t mean we can target then.”

Only one member of BTS, Jin, has begun the standard 21-month military enlistment required for men in South Korea. While he’s been sharing periodic updates with fans, the remainder of the band has continued to pursue solo works, including J-Hope, who has already been announced to have initiated the enlistment process.

“The enlistment schedules (of each member) are private information, so I cannot speak about it here. But we will disclose the dates in order transparently once their schedules are confirmed,” Si-hyuk shared during the press conference regarding the other members.


While he didn’t have much additional information to share, the chairman also spoke briefly about the septets’ contract renewal, which is also uncertain at the moment. “We still have time left (until the contract ends),” he explained. “We’ll discuss (with the members) within the time, and I believe it will be right for us to speak about it after the discussion ends.”

BTS’ army of fans seems mostly unbothered by the lack of certainty, choosing instead to put their faith in the band. Last week, RM spoke to EFE to reflect on the past and future of BTS. “I think BTS will make it,” he said. “It will come together again when we finish our military service, and we will look for new synergies between us to enter a second phase. But, in any case, nothing lasts forever.”