Bryan Cranston Gets Stranded in the Desert With Evan Stanley in ‘Memories’ Video

Evan Stanley — son of Kiss guitarist Paul Stanley — tapped Bryan Cranston for a cameo in the new video for his cover of Maroon 5’s 2019 song, “Memories.”

The clip finds Stanley and a friend stranded in the middle of the desert with a broken-down truck. As they wait, Cranston appears somewhat ominously, but after Stanley asks if he managed to find any gas for the truck, he quips, “No, but I got these,” and holds up a pair of bongos. After the trio play through the rest of Stanley’s plucky acoustic cover of “Memories,” Cranston is forced to complete his original task and make the long journey to the nearest gas station.

In a statement, Stanley explained that the “Memories” video was inspired by a Texas road trip: “A lot of that drive is open desert with nothing around, and at one point I saw my fuel gauge getting lower with no gas station in sight,” he said. “It got me pretty nervous about getting stranded, but also gave me an amazing idea. I had recently recorded my own version of Maroon 5’s ‘Memories’, but didn’t want to make just another cover video. Bryan Cranston’s created some of the most iconic characters in history, so I’m beyond lucky that he was willing to come on board and help bring my crazy idea to life.”

Stanley’s cover of “Memories” follows a pair of singles he released last back in December, “Leave This Love” and “Just Sayin.”

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