Brockhampton Delay "Puppy" Album Following Ameer Vann Allegations

Earlier this month, several women came forward with allegations against Brockhampton member Ameer Vann, accusing him of sexual abuse, dating a minor, and violating consent, a charge which Vann denies. While Vann has issued an apology for his past behavior, his actions have begun to make an impact on the group's music. 

The group's de-facto leader, Kevin Abstract, went on Instagram Live this morning to announce to Brockhampton fans that the groups forthcoming album Puppy, will be pushed back from its original release date. 

"We’re probably gonna push the album back," Abstract says, adding that there will still likely be a single coming out sometime next month. Abstract doesn't shy away from the reason behind the delay, saying that, "Having to deal with family problems in front of the world is very difficult, and I’m sorry if this isn’t enough."

How exactly they plan to deal with that family business will likely have a big impact on the future of the album. Should they decide that Vann should leave the band, the question remains as to whether he could still appear on the upcoming album. It's an issue that Abstract has been giving a lot of thought, claiming that he's been losing sleep over it. 

"I don’t agree with anything Ameer has admitted to. He’s been getting help for over the past year," Abstract says. "I just want people to know that I've never seen Ameer hurt anyone and I also want people to know that we hold each other accountable for anything, any mistake."

Abstract also apologizes for having stayed quiet up until now, and for not saying anything sooner. 

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