Britton Rauscher's latest single “Nobody's Smiling” will have you smiling [Video]

Britton Rauscher makes some pretty good music. The South Carolina artist has a new single out this week, "NOBODY'S SMILING" and it's accompanied with a mystifying visual.

Rauscher starts off with a little dialogue citing the classic Jay Z's, "Thank you, thank you. You're far too kind," then jumps into his verses. The song walks through the grind he's been going through to get to where he is. Rauscher tells his story while talking that talk. The raps sail over a soul sample production, and Rauscher's cocky flow gives a strong reason to head bop over the subtle percussions. "NOBODY'S SMILING" gives us a boost of pride and along with the jazzy vibe, well, you can't help but crack a smile.

Britton Rauscher is a 24-year old rapper from Columbia, South Carolina who's released a slew of singles in this past year. In 2020, he released his first full-length project with KRENKO. He thrives on braggadocio and jovial rhymes. His lyrical strut is really what makes Rauscher dope.

The music video directed and shot by Jonny Clay of Studio!* shows Britton Rauscher anxiously pacing down a street in Columbia. The eerie sight of Rauscher in a ski mask and a bloodied tank top on whilst seemingly scurrying away from an unknown scene presents more questions for the viewers. Without spoiling it, video's narrative ends with a fatal twist and hopefully there's a creative upcoming answer to the story.

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